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Boob Tube Babble: Season Finale(s) edition

Hooray for Friday's tv talk!

Boob Tube Babble

Thanks, Neely and Ashley!

SPOILER ALERT(s) so read at your own risk...

Hawaii Five-0
What an intense and suspenseful episode! I really enjoyed it and it had me surprised even at the end. I totally thought that Shelburn was going to be Steve's Dad so to find out it was his Mom was a good twist! I feel so bad for Danny, what a witch Rachel is for taking Grace away AGAIN;she makes me so mad because Danny loves Grace and is a great father. Oh and poor Chin and Kono (although who dumps a well known surfer into the water, she will totally be fine even with being tied up-ha!). I love this show and I really can't wait till the new season starts in the Fall.

How I Met Your Mother
I have felt that this whole season was just "meh". Sure there were funny parts,Barney especially, but I just felt like most of the episodes fell short. I really don't like Quinn because I feel like she will just end up hurting Barney; and I hated the lame Ted/Robin storyline. I knew all along that Robin would be the bride so I am excited to see how she and Barney got back together. I love that Victoria is back in the picture, she and Ted make a cute couple but that fact that Ted helps her run away from her wedding is just mean since he knew what it feels like to be jilted. Anyways, glad Marshall and Lilly had a healthy baby boy but his name is pretty awful. Couldn't Marvin have been his middle name....and then his real middle name is so dumb. Good thing it is just a tv show :)

Did anyone else feel like this episode came out of nowhere?! The murderer character was last seen a LONG time ago so I even forgot what he did. And then Bones runs away WITH the baby,poor Booth!!! All I have to say is Bones better not have to be on the run for long, bring the family back together! Plus Bones was set up in the first season so why would they reuse the storyline,again...boring! I wasn't that impressed by this finale...just left me annoyed and sad.

Hart of Dixie
I knew George wouldn't go through with the wedding! I love that Zoe and Wade finally got together and I really really hope Zoe doesn't hurt Wade again by picking George. Who wants George anyways, he just got out of a longgg relationship plus if Zoe starts dating George the whole town will hate her again because awful Lemon is like the Queen of Bluebell. Also, Lemon had no right to hit George, she was the one who cheated on him and was practically ignoring that fact just so she could have her "perfect" life back. I liked that George was honest with Lemon and didn't marry her just because he felt like he should. I am quite interested in seeing how the second season starts!

What the heck!!! Not only has the annoying fire-setting storyline gone on long enough it still isn't done! And oh man, not Ducky!! I love him plus Abby will be devastated if he dies! This episode just made me mad,too many loose ends and Jamie Lee Curtis' character is still around (I hope she isn't back next season because I really can't stand her!).

Criminal Minds
A perfect episode. I loved the sweet moments at the end and even a nice send-off for Emily's character. And it wasn't that disturbing/scary of a case for the BAU which made it even more enjoyable. Happy happy I was!

All I need to say is "Hooray,Calahn"! Someone needed to get that bad guy before he cause more pain and evil in the world. I am not even worried that Calahn won't return next season,he must :)

Person of Interest
I really,really love this show and the finale was just as great. I just knew that the psychologist was bad! Poor Harold!! Reese, Fusco and Carter better save Harold asap!! This show is good at keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The Mentalist
Well the irritating Red John storyline still isn't over but there sure were some surprises in store for the finale! I mean I knew Jane didn't kill Theresa and that the Lorelai character was from Red John but I didn't see the boss being killed. Although I still think that FBI lady is bad...Maybe just maybe Red John will finally be caught next season (I sure hope so,give Jane some comfort and relief plus the show doesn't need that storyline anymore.)

What finales did you watch this week?

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