Saturday, April 7, 2012

NYC Day 4 (my last full day!)

Since my cousin lives right across the street from the Cloisters  we made an early-ish morning trek up the mountain hill to visit the museum. It used to be a nunnery but is now a cool place for religious artifacts and moments. Lots of beautiful art pieces,jewels,plates,alters and documents. Truly old and magnificent.
There is NJ!

And the Bridge connecting NY and NJ ...

The entrance to the Cloisters...

After the morning workout outing we went for bagels and coffee then I walked around to Time Square (with my cousin's boyfriend as my tour guide)!
I thought Time Square was a lot bigger than I originally imagined...but super busy/crowded. I don't even want to imagine it during New Year's Eve!

Bryant Park, look the Empire State Building again!

We also walked to the Chrysler pretty!

Radio City Hall,too...

Before dinner, my cousin and I ventured back way downtown to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. I will admit I was a little disappointed because the view is obstructed for most of the walk. And we ended up only walking 1/2 way and turning around (we were tired and hungry for dinner).
Don't look down! It was pretty neat to be walking in the middle of the highway during rush hour though. A fun experience for sure.

Finally, a small unobstructed view :)

I had such a wonderful time exploring New York on my own. Next time though I will try to visit some of the museums and maybe a Broadway show or two...oh and Soho. There is just more than enough stuff to keep you busy in Manhattan, it is probably nearly impossible to "see it all" during one trip. I had fun accomplishing my tourist spot stops though!

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  1. Great photos! I love NYC but have only visited once. Looking forward to taking my kids there at some point. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. xx


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