Thursday, April 5, 2012

NYC Day 3

Thursday started early because I had to be all the way downtown at the Statue of Liberty Ferry. (Great tip:buy your ticket in advance because you can skip the longggg line and hop to the front. I felt to special "budging" everyone).

One statue on the Ferry platform...for our military!
 On the Ferry;the ride is quick and easy (although it was chilly/windy) and it is fun to look out across Manhattan.

Pulling up to Her!

Going around to the side...

 I LOVE this photo of the blossoming tree and the iconic Lady Liberty...

She really is grand and massive. A real treat to go up and see Her,although they are repairing the inside so we couldn't go in. Oh well,still a sight!
 A water taxi :)

Ellis Island

Let me tell you that is sort of felt like I was on an original boat all those decades ago,tons of people crowded together,moving as one herd.

Some luggage that was never claimed/shipped to its owners after arrival.

Truly cool to know that the building I was standing in had been the gateway to a new life for thousands and thousands.

Back on the Ferry, the WTC view...

 More Manhattan and you can see the Empire State Building!

My next stop was to visit and pay my respects at the WTC Memorial. This art piece used to be in the original WTC area but was damaged (and now moved) to another part of Battery Park. It was astonishing to see it still in one piece after knowing what had happened on that day. Lots of damage and holes though,but it represents the spirit of NY (damaged yet still strong, still standing and will continue to survive!).

Saw these heroes driving by the Memorial.

The new towers are looking sleek and impressive!

One of the Memorial fountains...

Walking away from the site, there is this well-known wall of names of all the Firefighters lost on that day.

After my somber and powerful history lessons of the morning, I made my way back to Midtown for coffee and another walk through Central Park before meeting a friend for dinner...

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