Saturday, April 28, 2012

movie x 3

the lucky one

I had read the book back in 2008 and even though I didn't remember everything about the story I still thought it was a decent and well-done movie. I was skeptical about the casting, it seemed
 like an odd pairing, but I must say that I forgot about Zack Efron's other roles while watching him portray Logan. Not so sappy and had me actually teary eyed on a couple occasions. Well worth the afternoon admission price.

the 5 year engagement

I had high hopes for this movie and in the end it just was "meh". Not terrible but definitely not really worth the $7.50. I enjoy both Jason Segal and Emily Blunt, the acting was good and the overall storyline was relate-able with a plausible ending. However, I thought there were not a lot of hilarious-laugh-out-loud moments like I figured there would be. And thankfully it wasn't AS dirty/raunchy as I figured it would be (I mean it is a judd apatow film after all). It also found it sort of slow/boring at times. I wish I had waited to redbox it :)


This is an older movie I rented because I adore Amy Adams (and I think she was nominated for an Oscar with this role a couple years ago). Her character was the best part of this film. An interesting,different, sometimes cute, sometimes funny story. Sad yet bittersweet ending;but I love a Southern setting.

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