Monday, April 16, 2012

monday's messages

Dear Monday courtesy of Megan!

Dear Self: Good job running 4 times last week;hopefully this week you can up it to 5 days.

Dear 25th Birthday: Well you will be here tomorrow! I am excited to celebrate what I do have and where I am in my life rather than dwelling on where I thought I would be by now :) Happy Birthday to me (and my twin sister)!!

Dear extra money: I am so glad I was able to make some of you this weekend.

Dear FRIENDS: thanks for always making me laugh ,ross and phoebe are the best characters ever! no wonder you are my favorite tv show ever.

Dear Chocolate cake: I hope you are somewhere in my near future.

Dear meal-planning: You are fun to complete and now I know what I am cooking wayyyy ahead of time.

Dear The Violets of March: I can't stop reading you and I really am stuck as to how you will end and what secrets you will reveal.

Dear Bman (aka Lovebug #4): Playing hide-n-seek with you is hilariously funny;especially when you count "1,2,3,8,9,10". I love your hiding spots too,very clever for a two year old :)

Dear Dad: Thanks for the surprise iced coffee this morn,you know me well!

Dear Self (again): Way to wake up 18 minutes late this morning--oops! At least you still made it to work on time,somehow...

Dear Spring: where have you gone? It has been too chilly the last week or so...

Dear Target: Thanks for suckering me into spending some money on a cute  new top from the sale rack! Oh and a new cami,but that was on sale too!

Dear Week: I am excited to see what you hold,and for the birthday fun I will be having!


  1. Happy almost birthday, Victoria!

    I completely agree, Phoebe is hilarious! Definitely my favorite. Here's hoping for an amazing birthday week!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! April is the best birthday time. Especially a -teenth of April. I would know. ;) Hope your day has been MAGICAL!

  3. Target gets me every single time! Eat some chocolate cake for me! Mmmm!


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