Monday, April 9, 2012

monday's memo

Happy Monday!
It has been too long since my last link-up with Megan,so here we go :)

Dear Easter, you were so fun and enjoyable. Awesome weather and family time!

Dear B, K and M, it was great seeing you all and catching up. Have safe drives back to NE and MN. You are already missed.

Dear Reese's Eggs, you are amazing! Thanks Easter Bunny for my treat :)

Dear Self, I am so proud of running 4 times last week, let's keep it up this week and push myself a little further/harder.

Dear NY, thanks for treating me so well and showing me a fun time. Being a tourist was quite the experience and I will never forget my first trip there.

Dear tv shows that are on tonight, hooray! I am so pumped for new episodes of hawaii five-o,himym, and heart of dixie.

Dear Jill Mansell, your novels are always enjoyable to read, I love your work.

Dear Blackhawks, I hope you do well in the playoffs. That was one crazy game with the Red Wings.

Dear Cubs, come on, let's make this a GOOD season,please!

Dear April,where the heck did you come from? How is it already the 9th day?! My birthday is just 8 days away though :)

Have a good one, Ladies!


  1. Hope you had a great Easter! I agree. Dear Cubs. Win. Love, Megan.

  2. Nice job with running! I'm trying to get back into the running groove. it's hard!

    Found you through the link-up! :)


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