Saturday, April 21, 2012

a boy and his toys

this boy is all boy. anything with wheels, animals, danger or dirt he LOVES.

although since he has two older sisters he has been known to clomp around in girly shoes,wear necklaces and play dress-up (but that can be just between us,right?)

one of his current favorites is: DINOSAURS!

i don't really know how this one came about,perhaps from the occasional dinosaur shirt he wears or the dinosaur puzzles at the library or the one at home...anyways!

he loves them. and he loves playing with them and even pretending to be one.

he has know their proper names (stegosaurus,trex,triceratops,brontosaurus) for awhile and he will correct you if you are "wrong" :)  although he still calls the brontosaurs a "bigasaurus" which i find quite funny.

have i mentioned that i love being his aunt?!?!

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