Friday, April 27, 2012

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This week I read two Erica James' novels and neither one I enjoyed all that much.

Time for a Change
Hilary had always thought she’d lived a charmed life. With a caring husband, David, and two lively children, she took an active part in both family and village life. Then, one Monday morning, Hilary’s world is turned upside down. She discovers that David is having an affair. How could he? How could he put at risk their children and everything they have built together over the years? But the question is, what should Hilary do? Turn a blind eye, much as neighbour Cindy has done over her own husband’s various dalliances? Confront him, as her outspoken new friend Georgia suggests? Or perhaps she should throw herself at attractive newcomer to the village Nick Bradshaw…
Whatever happens, it seems certain that for Hilary, life is never going to be quite the same again.
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I thought it sounded better than it was; I ended up skimming towards the end. There are so-so characters, I never really stuck to anyone. Also I felt like Hilary should have just confronted her husband in the beginning instead of holding on to her secret for so long,it just made the whole situation worse. I felt this book was just "blah". I give it a D.

Airs & Graces
Ellen has been living on her own in a picturesque, if damp cottage in Cheshire since her husband abandoned her to go and live with another woman in Provence. Having married once for love, she is now determined that the second time around it will be for money. Close at hand is Duncan, her not unattractive, and enticingly single, divorce lawyer…
But then two new people enter her life: Jo-Jo, a homeless girl several months pregnant; and Matthew, an artist who paints murals in country houses and who, on his first meeting with Ellen, openly criticises her for being mercenary and devious. But, as hostility gives way to friendship, Ellen realises that she has wavered off course from her original plan and she has to remind herself very strongly indeed that Duncan is the man for her …
(thanks to her website)

I enjoyed this book more than the previous book (I actually read all of it, no skimming this time!) I thought the characters were funny and although some of the story lines were sort of strange/random it all worked together. A bit darker towards than end but at least it kept me guessing some.  I give it a C.

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  1. These both looks like cute books, but sorry to hear you couldn't really get into either one.

  2. Sorry to hear this week's reads were disappointing!


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