Saturday, March 31, 2012

NY rundown

What i saw:
  • cockroach in the apartment
  • a mouse or rat (it was dark and we couldn't really tell...)
  • huge pigeons and lots of them
  • wacky people performing on the subway (although not entirely new since i have seen people do that on the L here in chicago)
  • men letting the gross pigeons land on their head/body;in fact they were encouraging them (GROSS!)
  • a woman treating the squirrels like her kids,calling them "sweetie, little lady,sweetheart" and acting as though she has known them for forever
  • TONS of foreign tourists,i mean really, it is hard to find someone walking down the street that does speak english :)
  • super sweet people (women though since that is all i would ask) who would answer me nicely when i had a subway stop question
  • trash
  • LOADS of smokers, I thought people knew it was bad for you...
  • cabs,cabs and more taxi cabs
  • people playing a cello, guitar,etc in Central Park or on the subway/subway platforms
  • spiderman and statue of liberty impersonators.
 Seeing all this funny stuff just enriched my trip :) It was a great first time visit to NY!

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