Friday, March 30, 2012

book club

Happy Book Club day!

Bobbi Ann Mason's The Girl in the blue Beret

Intimate and haunting, The Girl in the Blue Beret is a beautiful and affecting story of love and courage, war and redemption, and the startling promise of second chances.
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I love a good nonfiction or fiction book about heroes of our past Wars. This is no exception, although the actual characters and their stories are fictional the main idea and general story behind it all is based on real people and happenings from WWII. This is a great story about a pilot who crashed his plane in Belgium on a mission during the War who decides to track down the people/families that helped him flee the Germans and return home safely. I liked the sweet ending and twist; and it was also interesting to read what happened to the people who helped the Allies/Americans.  Well worth a read;I give it a B.

The Penny Pincher's Club by Sarah Strohmeyer
The Penny Pinchers Club

 Living in New Jersey-the state that boasts the most malls per capita-Kat's favorite recreational activity is a no-brainer: shopping. But when she discovers that her husband, Griff, has been hiding a secret bank account, her joyful consumerism suddenly loses its appeal. Are their fights about money more serious than she understood? Is he, as her friends suggest, preparing for a divorce? Just in case, Kat decides it's time to start saving.Drastic times call for drastic measures: Kat starts by canceling cable and kicking her $240-a-month Starbucks habit. But what starts out as a simple effort to cut costs becomes an over-the-top obsession when Kat joins an eclectic but lovable group of savers called the Penny Pinchers Club. Soon she is pumping her gas at dawn (when it is thicker) and serving dinner made from food she retrieved at the grocery store dumpster. Kat is saving money, to be sure, but what she's really saving is time-time she spends with Griff, their two kids . . . and an old flame who resurfaces at precisely the wrong moment, offering Kat a life where money is no object.

Another fun and light read by Sarah. I loved the character of Kat and how when the chips were down she decided to stand up and fight rather than stay down. A neat twist and overall story about life, money woes and keeping a strong marriage going. I am really starting to love Sarah's work! I give this book a solid A.

The Possibility of You by Pamela Redmond Satran
The Possibility of You

1916. It was the one thing Bridget was supposed to never let happen. But no matter how many times she replayed the steps in her head, she couldn’t reanimate the small pale boy who lay limp in her arms.
1976. Billie felt as if she’d been wrenched in half more surely than when the baby had been cut from her body. But she felt something else too: happy to think only of her own needs, her own tears. So light she could float away, somewhere no one would ever find her.
The present. Even if Cait never found her birth mother, even if she decided not to have this baby, to leave her lover and kiss her parents good-bye, she was surrounded by so much emotion, so many questions, that she felt as if she might never be free again.
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I really liked this book although there were some times of too much intimate detail that I would skim over. The story is not too hard to follow, I loved how they are all connected and each woman's struggle and secrets. Make you think about being adopted or giving a baby up for adoption and how that really can affect the rest of your life. Sweet,warm ending that made the story even better. I give this a solid B.

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  1. Wohoo! You've introduced me to a new chick-lit author: Sarah Strohmeyer! Penny Pinchers Club sounds awesome! :)

  2. The Penny Pincher's Club sounds cute!


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