Friday, March 23, 2012

boob tube babble

Boob Tube Babble
Thanks Neely and Ashley!

This season is just alright, not as funny as I remember previous seasons. I will be annoyed if Barney marries Quinn, I just am not a fan of them. I thought it was real lame for Ted to declare his love for Robin (again) because I felt like it came out of nowhere. And then Ted goes and gives Marshall/Lilly the apartment,weird! I am just not that impressed...Lilly needs to pop that baby out,hasn't it been long enough?!

Sure it is still funny and enjoyable to solve the crimes BUT Shawn is getting to be too much for my taste. Instead of becoming more normal and not-as-dumb it seems that he has become ever more immature and rediculous. Some of the jokes are just awkward too....I sort of feel like not watching anymore. I might just have to give it up.

White Collar
I loved the season and I loved the season finale UP UNTIL the very end. What the heck?!?! I hated the ending, Neil better not be bad and manipulative after all! I am going to be pissed if he just played them all. I was really enjoying the friendships and relationships he was having with Peter, Elle and the agents. Plus they stood up for him and trusted him. It made me mad seeing him on the plane with Mozzie.

In Plain Sight
I always enjoy this show, I am so glad Mary kept her baby,she is a good mother and her character is just so funny to watch. I am sad that this is the final season, it is an enjoyable show. I am tired though of Brandy's character, I mean come on, get a grip on your life already!

Heart of Dixie
I still love this light,cute,funny show. I am so over the while Lemon-George-Levon triangle though, Levon needs to move on. Plus I hate Lemon, she is being a hypocrite and I cannot stand her! Also, I thought Zoe was over her crush on George, she needs to be asap. I love the idea of Zoe and Wade although Wade needs to man-up and tell her the truth in a serious tone. I can't wait for new episodes in April!

What have you been watching recently?

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  1. I've been wanting to watch Hart of Dixie, but I keep forgetting about it! Going to have to try to catch up online.

    Thanks for linking up!


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