Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This week I am loving...

The non-Winter like weather we continue to have

How Bman stuffed the whole munchkin donut into his mouth this morning then smiled so big when I said, "oh my gosh,did you put that whole thing in your mouth?!"

Planning my upcoming trip tp NY!!

That I bought my plane tickets to NY!

Spreading the love on Valentine's Day to my family :)

Sipping on an iced coffee.

Spending time with bestie B yesterday--we met up for brunch and then went to see a movie (The Vow)

The Vow! It is a great, real, sweet move about true love and discovering what is really meant to be.

Being so close to Having 70 followers; I really cannot believe girls rock!

Happy Wednesday!

As always, thanks Jamie!


  1. Non-winter-like weather is always welcome. I know, I can't really complain being in California, but Northern California is not all that sundresses-in-January nonsense you see on TV. Wonderful list!

  2. Now you have 71! Thanks for checking out my blog and your sweet comment!

    ♥ Shia


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