Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A weekend of classics

Over the weekend I had a mini-marathon of classic movies. Some I liked, some I loved, some not so much.

Bringing up Baby

This movie was hilarious and wacky. I loved that it was in black and white and two timeless actors are the stars. Such a goofy premise and Susan (Katherine's character) reminded be of the children's storybook character, Amelia Bedelia, because she is so goofy and literal. Lots of talking and silly drama. I enjoyed it though.

His Girl Friday

Another black and white film with A LOT of talking and activity. I thought it was an interesting premise because it sounds like a story for today's day and age. I loved that Rosalind's character was a tough women in a "man's" job. A story about true love, I guess...I found it just "okay".

Gone with the Wind

This is one of my favorite books but I  never saw the movie version until now. I thought it was well done although it freaked me out that the men looked SO much older than the women. I liked that it showed how toxic Rhett and Scarlett really were, I never thought they were a good match because they were too similar and selfish. Also, I thought it was strange that Scarlett's children from her previous marriages were not included in the film. Great acting by all. It is super long but it actually didn't feel that long as I watched it. The character of Ashley was portrayed well,it was totally obvious that he never did love Scarlett, she just was too blind and into herself to really see that until it was too late. I still think Scarlett is a great example of how to just be happy/content with what you have instead of obsessing about what you should/could have because one day it will be gone and then you have nothing. A great way to spend an afternoon :)

Better of Dead

A classic 80s movie I was told to watch by some of my older siblings. I, however,was not a big fan. It was really wacky and weird. I mean I understand the premise, pretty relateable for any teenager, but it went on for too long. I ended up fast forwarding through the end....oops!

The Third Man

I was not that into this movie;moved pretty slow. I liked that it was in black-and-white though. Fun mystery to follow but I wish it had been solved more quickly. Neat European setting and cool,funky music.

Roman Holiday

One of my favorites from this weekend. A cute,light-hearted,funny,simple story. I was going crazy at the end though, I wanted her to come back out after him. I couldn't get over Gregory Peck,his voice is very sexy and he looked quite tall and handsome. Although it did seem to have a lot of quiet,lull moments towards the end that were sort of annoying.

North by Northwest

I liked this movie a lot; fun, spy-ish mystery. Funny parts and it was cool to see how the stunts/graphics were done back then. Another Cary Grant movie to end the weekend.


  1. Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite classic. My husband gets so made when I find it on t.v. because he knows we'll be watching it for hours (and it's on a lot it seems)!

  2. Try Casablanca next time you do a classics movie marathon :) My all-time favorite!

    Thanks for dropping by my page. Hope you're having a great week.


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