Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here's the deal

I feel like I haven't done a real blog post in awhile (although I love the weekly link-ups I participate in) so here we go...

Currently I am watching the pilot episode of Burn Notice because it is my day off and all that is on my agenda is a dentist appotinment. I don't like the dentist (nothing against my personal dentist,he is fine) but oh well, I still go twice a year.

Snow is coming later today, I guess we are still really in Winter.

I should be re-applying for teaching jobs but truth be told I am not looking forward to it. It all seems depressing since it will be my fourth Summer looking for a full time job and I have had nothing in return. And yes, I know that isn't the best attitude to have but it has all made me sad and unexcited about acutally having my own classroom.

At least I have Bman three days a week! I love that boy, he is hilarious and says the funniest things. Yesterday he said, "watch, Vic, I be fast" and then he danced/jumped in a circle really fast with a big ole smile on his face.

This weekend's goal is to watch 7 old-time classic movies I have rented. I am looking forward to it. And tonight my older sister is coming over and we are going to hang out to watch a couple of them :)

My New York trip is in a month and the planning has begun. I want to visit a lot: empire state building, serendipity, central park, statue of liberty, ellis island, ground zero,rockefeller center, magnolia bakery and hopefully I will get tickets to "Live with Kelly"! Any other suggestions?

In Plain Sight and Psych are coming back in the next couple of weeks--hooray!

I guess that is all that is on my mind now :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love Burn Notice! My friend is going to a thing in Dallas in October and Bruce Campbell is going to be jealous.

  2. Watching old movies is SOO much fun! I used to work for MTV and got to go to NYC quite a bit! I LOVE the Magnolia Bakery. The last time I was there my clients treated me to a delicious cupcake before I headed home:) Have so much fun and take lots of pics:)


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