Monday, February 13, 2012


Neely is hosting a fun blog link-up today, just to get everyone to mingle and "meet" new blogs/bloggers.

I am going to keep this simple and sweet, because that is just how I roll.
So if you are new here let me introduce myself....
Hi! I'm Victoria.

I love my family;and I have a big one, let's just get it out there that I am the 6th of 7 kids; and yes we all have the same 2 parents!  My nieces/nephews (aka my Lovebugs) are the light of my life and I am blessed enough to take care of Lovebug # 4, aka Bman, three days a week.

My friends (aka my besties) are some of the best girls I could ask for. I love my weekly coffee dates with them and browsing our local Von Maur.

I have a teaching degree but no classroom (stupid economy!) but I really try to love my life each day because I know He has blessed me immensely.I believe that God is guiding me, strengthening me, supporting me and giving me courage on a daily basis. I try my best to follow His ways and teachings, but I know some times I fail yet I always learn something.

I enjoy: a cold can of Pepsi, sunshine, Fall days, anything related to Christmas, the first snow fall, a cute pair of heels, jeans, argyle sweaters, days filled with laughter, being from the Chicago area, and anything chocolate.

I wish I was a better runner (I have a crazy idea of completing a 5K this year but don't hold your breath....), I love cycling. I am a Jillian Michael's workout and some classic Taebo fan. The Chicago CUBS and BLACKHAWKS are my favorite teams to root for, always and forever but I can't forget about the ILLINI!

I am a huge: bookworm, tv addict, coffee lover, baker, country music and christian music fan, avid photographer, obsessed blog reader, supporter of the March of Dimes, and a hopeless romantic. And I have a fantastic sarcastic sense of humor.

I have had a blog since 2007 and I mostly blog about my life,celeb styles that I love, nature photogrpahy and I participate in a handful of weekly link-ups.

Oh and I am a wannabe world traveler :)
Nice meeting you!
Happy Monday!

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