Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day(s) 17-25

Day 17: Time (for People magainze!)

Day 18: Drink (nothing goes better with pizza than a beer)

Day 19: Something you hate to do (seriously, I hate stirring the peanut butter, it is an on going battle in my house to see who will break first and stir it)

Day 20: Handwriting

Day 21: A fave photo of you (that is me in the and my Besties at our first bleacher seats Cubs game)

Day 22: Where you work (I am a nanny three days a week...there is my "boss" hiding from the camera)

Day 23: Your shoes

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day 25: Green

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  1. I too am doing the February photo challenge! Are you going to do the March photo challenge as well? I love that your 'boss' is hiding from the camera - to cute!


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