Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I am loving...

the sunny yet cold Winter day we are having; beats the cloudy and snowing one we had yesterday!

watching The Firm and White Collar (gorgeous guys as the lead characters always entice me)

eating the Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies I made yesterday

the cute heart shaped lights I bought at Target for Valentine's Day

the dollar section of Target :)

watching some reruns of Will & Grace as I lounge around on my day off

that when Bman wants you to hold him he says, "hold you?" cuteness!!

flipping through Giada's Everday Pasta for the next tasty dinner idea

that I was able to switch my jury notice day

Link up too over on Jamie's blog!


  1. The dollar section at Target... YES!

  2. Those are all things I love too! One of my favorite things is watching reruns of Will and Grace. That is one of my favorite shows!

  3. Aw "hold you?" SO cute!! My niece says "I go with us" when she want to go with aunt lala =) LOVE THOSE KIDS!

  4. The dollar section at target is my favorite! haven't been there in awhile, so your post is making me want to take a drive to ours!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair



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