Wednesday, January 4, 2012


What I am loving today....

celebrating the Bman's 2nd birthday!!

reading books that scare me yet not being able to put them down because I want to know how it ends

hanging with Lovebugs 1,2, and 4. They don't go back to school until tomorrow-my "work" day is "tough" today :)

treating the LBs to lunch (I know, I am the best Aunt, right?! lol)

laughing with my family

watching movies that I didn't think I would like but then do indeed like them (hello, iron man. and yea I know I am late on that bandwagon...oh well)

buying new gym shoes on sale at von maur with my giftcard

having our Christmas tree still up and smelling the lovely pine scent each time I walk by :)

What are you loving today?
Link up too,with Jamie!


  1. I read scary books too that I hate but love. I just finished a Nicholas Sparks book. Who would have thought it would be scary right? Wrong! So scary, but like you said, couldn't put it down :) Hope you're staying warm!

  2. New gym shoes are the best! Sounds like you are a great auntie too:) Happy Thursday!


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