Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

January Favorites

Just Peachy

1. Giada's Everday Pasta cookbook. I received this for Christmas but I started utilizing it this month. I have already accomplished a handful of the recipes and my to-be-made-next list is growing.  I love cooking and making a successful dinner.

2. Chevy Stevens' novels. They are so intense, dark and frightening but I couldn't put them down. I also love that each "chapter" is a session with a therapist. Such gripping novels! Still Missing and Never Knowing.

3. My job. Lovebug #4 (aka Bman) makes me laugh, smile, and amazes me three times a week when I take care of him. He turned two years old this month and I he doesn't look like a sweet baby anymore, he is a sweet and trouble-causing toddler/little boy. Everyday day something new comes out of his mouth that just makes me smile (new favorites of mine: "hold you?" "i said..." "because!" "ummm sure!")

4. The Firm. This new show is a fun lawyer type adventure and I love staring at Josh Lucas for an hour :)

5. Starbucks' (Non fat, no whip) Raspberry Mocha. I have loved this drink for years but now that the holiday Peppermint is gone, I resort to this staple for my once-a-week treat. YUM!

What are you favorites from this month? Do share with Rachel!

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  1. love the post.

    I've never tried the raspberry mocha. I will try it on my next trip to starbucks


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