Monday, January 2, 2012

This year...

At the start of last year, I made a few goals for myself:
  • take more pictures-i will aim for at least one a day---Did it!
  • travel and use my passport---sadly, no passport stamps for me but I did take a roadtrip to MN
  • cross a few more items off my Life's To-Do List---#77 is complete
  • continue to be grateful for each day I have---I feel like I did this too, at least I made a better effort with it
So, this year's goals:
  • run more (participate in a 5k?!)
  • continue taking photos
  • travel/use passport!!
  • finally read all of anna karenina
  • cross off more from my Life's To-Do List
  • find the happiness/good in each day
  • worry less
What are your goals/hopes/ideas/aspirations for this brand new year?


  1. I'm working on my goals post, too! And I hope you run the 5K - after that first race, racing is SO addicting!

  2. Love this post! I am a big believer in setting goals..which is why I am continuing with mine from last year. Love seeing your pics that you post every day!

  3. Love finding the good in each day! It's not always easy but it's so important! :) Happy New Year!


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