Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's Loves: target + black & white

Target: One of the things I love about Target is their dollar section! It is pretty rare that I exit target withOUT something from there in my bag. This time of year it is especially awesome with their fun little valentine's day trinkets and decorations. I stocked up all for under $10.

Also, I love their picture frame section because they usually have something neat on sale or else they have cute frames that are cheap. I bought a cool package that had 3 different sized frames and a little "live love laugh" plaque for only $20! Also, I stocked up on some art frames so I can hang up some more of my Lovebugs' artwork, and a couple of other pieces of art.

Black and White: I love black and white photos; there is just something so bright and beautiful about their elegance and simplicity. With the pictures frames I bought at Target I printed out some black and white photos of mine and plopped them in. Perfect! And I love that they still stand out in the plethora of my colored photos.

What are you loving tonight?

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  1. I bought some black and white prints off of ETSY from Reprinted Rose. I bought two prints, one of my dog and one of my bfs dog on antique dictionary paper for $6. I love these prints!


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