Thursday, January 12, 2012


One of my favorite link-ups is back, thanks Jenn!

current book(s)
Promises Promises by Erica James

current playlist
Needto Breathe's newest cd, The Reckoning. I love it!

current color
OPI's "Lincoln park after dark". I like this Winter-y color.

current food
My Dad just surprised me with and iced coffee and a sweet roll :)

current favorite show(s)
Person of Interest (on cbs) and Prime Suspect (on nbc) and Property Brothers (on hgtv)

current needs
A plane ticket to somewhere foreign and awesome--I really want to go on a vacation

current triumphs
....getting up and dressed for the day...not in a sad way, but because today is my day off and I like to be lazy. It is the little things, right?!

current banes of my existence
snow...and rude people

current celebrity crush
Not really current but, Matt Bomer

current #1 blessing
Being able to pay my monthly bills

current indulgence
Graham crackers and nutella----divine!

current outfit
Sweatpants and a Blackhawks tshirt (remember, it is my day off and I have no plans to leave the house...)

current excitement
Taking pictures of the snow that is falling is our first real snow this season (which is especially odd since I live in chicago...)

current mood

current favorite quote or verse
"God has a reason for allowing this to happen. We may never understand his wisdom, but we simply have to trust his will."

current favorite app
I don't do iphone for me actually.

current favorite product
do my new nike shoes count? :)
What is on your "current" list?


  1. I've seen Lincoln Park After Dark before! It's beautiful! I love it!

  2. Oh so with you on that desire to take a vacation! I was actually looking around at flights to random cities today (possibly while I was at work... oops!).

  3. Oh snow! *shakes fist*
    I hate snow :/

    And I love that your answer was nearly the same as mine for favorite app. LOL


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