Friday, January 6, 2012


Thanks, Lauren, as always!
1.   One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is     read a book, watch endless tv or even take a nap   .

2.   When I have free time I tend to    be on the lazy side, for sure. But I also like being productive and feeling accomplished with my day     .

3.  If I had an entire day completely to myself I would    have breakfast at egg harbor, walk around the shops on the glen, cozy up at Starbucks with some friends and a cup of coffee Have lunch at panera. Then come home and enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate while watching a romantic comedy or a marathon of FRIENDS and eating chocolatete peanut butter ice cream for dessert    .

4.  I would prefer to spend my free time (alone or with others...)    both ways. I love hanging with friends and family...but I like lounging around in the solitude and quiet as well    .

5.  Most of my free time happens    on the weekend-doesn't everyone's? .

6.  The best thing about free time is    that the ideas and possibilities of enjoying it are endless.

7.  The next time I have free time I should probably   check up on the teaching job postings and resubmit some applications   but instead, I'll probably     read the day away .

Happy Friday!

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