Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Challenge Day 6

Day 6:Holiday Recipes

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

I love to bake and the holidays are the perfect time to break out some tasty treats.

These recipes are quite tasty and easy to make:

This isn't the exact recipe I follow but it similar enough  Chocolate-candy cane cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes that I make for New Year's Day dinner. I always feel fancy when I make (and eat) these for some unknown reason.

My favorite cookie to eat at Christmas is this delicious one--Cornflake cookie

And I was asked to try this new recipe out this year, so I might just have to--Chocolate Chip Oreo cookies

Go get your baking on!

 Tell us what you make over on Neely and Amber's blogs!


  1. I love red velvet cupakes! I saw that Chocolate chip oreo cookie thing a week ago and have been debating trying it as well.

  2. oh my gosh I've seen those chocolate chip oreo cookies before but I've never tried one, I think I'd become addicted!


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