Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why I love hockey

I love hockey! There I said it...and I am  proud to admit it. Go Blackhawks!!

Patrick Sharp in action :)

I grew up (and I still am) a die-hard baseball fan but in the past couple of years I have grown to enjoy and be thrilled with hockey. I am just amazed at the skill of these men because I have never even ice skated, let alone skating so fast and precisely while chasing after a puck and being slammed into a glass wall :)

    Our very first hockey game in 2009

Last year (2010)..bestie K couldn't make it though  :(

Reasons why I love watching hockey:

  1. The guys are incredibly talented
  2. They can multi-task oh so well
  3. Sometimes a fight breaks out
  4. The puck flies around so fast that most of the time I can't find it, so how do they?!
  5. Patrick Sharp is one fine-looking man
  6. You are put in a time out  penalty for bad things (high sticking, icing, tripping,etc)
  7. I get so anxious when the puck is near the goal and I normally yell/squeak out loud (yes, I said squeak-haha)
  8. Patrick Sharp is sexy
  9. It is a relatively quick sport-about an hour and a half long (3 periods of 20 mins)
  10. Guys literally loose teeth if the puck flies at their face (I can't even imagine that pain!)
  11. It is just such a guys' sport!
  12. I get to hang out with my girlfriends and cheer on our Blackhawks!
  13. Patrick Sharp is fun to watch/look at/stare at
  14. They reward hard work
  15. Sometimes the game ends in a tie---so it isn't always about winning or losing
  16. You can slam other players into the rink and that is perfectly acceptable
  17. There is a "neutral" zone...I just think it is a funny name 
  18. Patrick Sharp......enough said
  19. When a guy's stick breaks their teammate gives them theirs to use
  20. There are only 5 players on the ice at once, the perfect number to keep track of (unless of course there is a "power play" or  "open net")
  21. It is funny and amazing to watch how quick the referees are at staying out of the players' way
  22. The passion for the game is intense
  23. A player can get a "hat trick" (scoring 3 goals in one game)
  24. Rivalries are a big deal
  25. Everyone gets a chance to play/taking turns is a must
  26. It truly is a team sport-"we" not "me"

The besties and I are gearing up for this year's game in December; we can't wait!
What sport(s) do you love?


  1. Football is my favorite. Although I loved the Caps game I got to go to.

  2. I like #9. He is sexy. I have been to a ton of games, and I love each and every one. I went to the Caps/Hawks game in DC this year. Pre-season and they got crushed. That is ok, it was still try outs! I miss Chicago!


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