Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm loving...

Here we go---

Today, I am loving....

the wonderful Thanksgiving my family and I had last week

the sunny yet slightly chilly day

that we had our first real snow flurries on Monday morning (although it also means that real winter is just around the corner....)

that Lovebug #4 sat through about 3 stories at the library's story time this morning

that no matter what I say or do, the Bman always wants to eat my grilled cheese sandwich...even when he has the exact same thing on his plate

the Christmas decorations and spirit that is all around

that there are just a couple more weeks until Christmas Break-hooray for no work!

looking forward to seeing Lovebug #1 perform in her first Band concert tonight (and they are playing Christmas music-woo!)

my new nine west black boots I bought online on "black friday";they just arrived yesterday and they are awesome!

wearing my brown boots with skinny jeans

listening to Christmas music (i love faith hill's album the most)

watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel or Lifetime :)

that I have 40 followers---you guys are awesome!!

reading The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

What are you loving today?

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