Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you one of them?

You know, one of those people that has their Christmas decorations up already? (I have seen it with my own eyes...houses decorated and lit up!)

Or one of those people that have been listening to Christmas music nonstop since it started playing on the radio just after Halloween?

Stores have been decked out for the holidays for weeks,holiday commercials are airing, Christmas carols/songs are on the radio stations, the red cups have been on the scene since November first, toy catalogues arrived in the newspaper weeks ago......

I don't get the rush to Christmas, especially because by the time December does roll around everyone will be tired of the Christmas hoopla.

I am one for Thanksgiving then Christmas...the day after Thanksgiving I am all about everything and anything related to Christmas :) And trust me, I LOVE me some Christmas but just not in the beginning of November.

Because first, I want to give thanks and eat lots of Thanksgiving-y food with my family.

How about you?

And okay, maybe I have almost finished my Christmas shopping (you got me there) but I love buying gifts for my nieces/nephews so that doesn't really count, right? :)


  1. Amen! Although this weather has been nice to put up lights so it was tempting! Ahh, who am I kidding, ours will be going up the week of Christmas ;)

  2. I usually start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, but right after Halloween is still too early for me.

  3. I feel the same way as you. Please no Christmas now, but once Thanksgiving is over - I'm all about Christmas! :)


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