Saturday, October 29, 2011


  • I started reading then came you by jennifer weiner yesterday and I was enjoying it but then it just got to be too much with the intimate details that I found disturbing and unnecessary to the story. So, I stopped reading and I won't be going back; the plot wasn't that interesting for me to continue....oh well, on to the next book on my always-growing-pile :)
  • Today at coffee with some of my besties I actually did NOT buy a drink, I couldn't decide what I wanted so I just didn't get anything. Shocking, right.
  • I am really itching to start buying Christmas gifts, super early but I am just excited!
  • Have you ever felt stuck in life? Or that you are wasting your good years? I don't know why but recently I have felt like I need something fun and exciting to do; an adventure suitable for a 24 year old because I feel lame sometimes....not sad or depressed or anything, just pensive about what I want to do and where I want to go before things get to be too hectic
  • I would scream if I were in the Northeast this weekend-yuck, snow already?! Poor people out there, but glad it is you and not me!
  • Oh yeah, I found a $5 bill on a table at Starbucks today and instead of pocketing it I turned it in; I was raised properly plus if I lost $5 I would want someone to find it for me...but I bet no one ever came for it and then that just means the baristas received a big tip for the day-ha
  • This week means the return of burn notice, bones and covert affairs!
  • I am pretty sure I will be buying a red blackhawks jersey with Sharp's name on the back, I love him :) And I would normally wait until Christmas to ask for something like this but I am going to a game in early December so that just won't work
  • I truly cannot believe it is just about November; where the heck has 2011 gone?!?!
What are your randoms for today?

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I also want to go Christmas shopping already! It's fun to find, buy, wrap, and give gifts.


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