Sunday, October 30, 2011

New music

In the last month or so a couple new cds have come out by some of my favorite artists. So here is what I think....

Lady Antebellum: Own the Night
I think it is just an alright cd; I love 'we owned the night', 'friday night', 'singing me home'. It seems like the majority of the songs are slow/ballad types which are fine and Charles and Hillary sing them beautifully but I was hoping for more upbeat/lighter songs.

Martina McBride: Eleven
This is another cd I was sort of disappointed in because the second half of the cd is slow/ballad type songs. I love 'one night', broken umbrella', 'teenage daughters' 'when you love a sinner' and all the songs are sung amazingly by the awesome Martina, no doubt about that. I like the mix of melodies and types of beats on this cd too.

Brandon Heath: Leaving Eden
I really like his voice and his lyrics and the songs are light and powerful. I love 'the one', 'leaving eden', 'as long as i'm here' and 'the light in me'. A much better cd than his previous ones (well that is my own opinion anyways...).

Matthew West: The Story of your Life (ok, this cd has been out for awhile but I recently acquired it).
I love his songs! This cd is filled with happy/upbeat songs. His words are strong and simple; I love 'the story of your life', 'to me', 'one less', 'survivors'.

And I am looking forward to listening to Kelly Clarkson's newest cd...and Michael Buble's new Christmas album :)

What have you been listening to?

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