Monday, October 24, 2011

My weekend...

In black & white photos because I love the simplicity of them.

Saturday: Coffee, baked banana-chocolate chip bread, helped my Mom with a garage sale (and I made $3- hooray!), bought a Fall jacket and t-shirt at kohls, met up with bestie P for dinner and the Blackhawks game (they lost it in a shoot-out,boo!).


Sunday: Church, did some reading, drove up to WI, hung out with LB #4 (along with 1 and 2), ate lunch at A&W before we hit the pumpkin patch,walked through a corn maze with LB #2, looked for some pumpkins with the family,ended the day with custard (black raspberry, thank you very much, and it was so delicious).


A great Fall weekend it was! Plus the weather cooperated and it was "warm" and sunny!

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  1. I think you may have inspired me to go apple picking this weekend!


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