Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Recently I have been enjoying....

The glorious Fall/Summer weather. Not too hot and the sun shines brightly. Yesterday was perfection, and the B-man and I spent over an hour at the park soaking it all in while crunching leaves and watching squirrels climb trees

A lunch date with besties P and E, we tried a new place in town that has delicious paninis and homemade gelato----so tasty!

Reading books from my always-growing-library pile (I just finished Matterhorn and I am quickly devouring The Good Sister)

Hearing LB #4 say, "I luuu you" after I tell him "I love you"

Thinking about an adventure I really want to take....but knowing it will take a lot of faith in listening to Him

Drinking a little too much coffee this morning :)

Looking forward to a new season of Psych which starts TONIGHT!

Gearing up for a fun night out with bestie B on friday---going to the Keith Urban concert!!

Sharing the excitement and happiness of new changes for big brother B and big brother M (my prayers for them have been answered)

Watching the Blackhawks' season start up again; I love me some hockey

Knowing and believing that He is always with me to guide and strengthen me

Spending time with the family

Lounging around on a day-off

What have you been enjoying lately?

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