Friday, September 23, 2011

Me + TV

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This is another PERFECT link-up for me since I love me some tv :) Thanks to Neely and Ashley!

And spoiler alert, so be forwarned!

What I watched:

HIMYM: I liked the premiere, I was shocked to see that "cupcake girl" is back but I like her with Ted. Barney marries Nora-that is my guess and it makes sense. I am looking forward to watching it  all play out.

Hawaii Five-0: I loveee this show and it was a good season finale episode so I was excited to see how it all turned out. There were surprises that I liked (the ending where we see who is helping Wo Fat) and didn't like (like poor Danny....what a player his ex-wife is!). And I swear that Steve's stunts just become more and more crazy and cool :) I can't wait for the rest of this season!

Castle: I don't know about the new Chief, she seems too strict but we shall see how it all fits together. I wasn't surprised that Beckett played the "i don't remember" card when she really does remember what Castle said when she was shot. I just want the team to be back together and back to how they were. I don't like though that Castle and Beckett are both lying to each other, just means it won't end well  when it all comes out!

NCIS: I like a good murder mystery and Gibbs and his team are always enjoyable to watch. This is was an interesting premiere episode since it centers around Tony thinking he killed another NCIS agent.

New Girl: I was really looking forward to this show, I need some more light/funny shows on my list. I liked it, it is sweet and funny although I did think that at times it was sort of forced. I loved the ending because it was real and heartwarming. Reminded me of something my older brothers would do for me if a guy stood me up :).

Parenthood: I think the writing on the show is real good and I love the whole big family dynamic. But sometimes it does get overwhelming with the hollywood-type drama and when everyone talks at once :)

Up All Night: I love Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. There are some pretty funny parts and lines in this comedy. I like that it is realistic and not stupid. Plus their baby is pretty darn cute :) And Maya Rudolph's character is underrated.

The Big Bang Theory: This show is funny and simple, but it has become a little much with regards to the dirty/inappropriate humor. I also don't like Pria, so I hope Leonard breaks up with her soon. The whole chair-found-on-the-street storyline was funny; and Sheldon is always good for a hearty laugh :)

The Mentalist: I thought that this show's finale was the best and I couldn't wait to see how Patrick survived the murder charge. Although I will admit that I am frustrated that the whole Red John storyline is still going to continue....I mean just move on already! I hope the team isn't apart for long because I like Cho and Rigsby and Grace and Lisbon :)

What I still have to watch from my DVR: Ringer, Criminal Minds,Unforgettable

What I am still looking forward to returning/premiere: CSI:NY, Blue Bloods,The Amazing Race, Pan Am, A Gifted Man, Hart of Dixie.

What have you watched this week? What are you looking forward to still?


  1. I have Criminal Minds on my dvr too! i am trying to finish season 6 on dvd before i watch it!

  2. I love Castle! I'm not crazy about the new captain either. I miss Montgomery!

    I loved the first episode of Up All Night, but I wasn't crazy about the second one. I'm going to give it a few more episodes. We'll see!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I love me some Gibbs. Any day of the week:)

  4. I love NCIS! I just discovered it a year or two ago, but have caught up through reruns. McGree is my favorite, he's so adorkable!

    Let me know what you thought of Criminal Minds!! I love me some Shemar Moore!! :)


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