Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jeans Jeans Jeans

Well I think you all know about my recent quest for a pair of jeans that actually fit me lengthwise...hold your breath because....I finally had SUCCESS!! I went to Carson's on Sunday for their "goodwill sale" and their jeans' selections is filled with great brands (like Nine West, Calvin Klein, DKNY,etc) and well priced at $50-70. I was not only able to find one pair of jeans that fit great and are not too long but I found two pairs! And laugh all you want but one pair is actually a pair of  jeggins which I never thought I would like or buy. The best part though is that I had two coupons to use on the jeans and they were already on sale so each pair was just over $30!

Thank you jean-rulers! Now I know where to go for a great pair of jeans :)

My jeans quest is now complete (thank goodness).

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