Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Challenge: Day 6

It is the last week of Neely and Amber's Fall Challenge.

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day 6 is all bout: Fall TV Shows

My Old Faves:
Hawaii Five-0
How I Met Your Mother
Criminal Minds
Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
Blue Bloods
The Amazing Race

New Shows to test out:
New Girl (I can't wait to see more-it is funny and sweet)
Up All Night (Funny!! I love the cast too)
Person of Interest (what a spooky concept, I like the good guys beating up the bad guys)
Unforgettable (I like Poppy Montgomery, the premiere was decent enough for me to watch again)
A Gifted Man (I like Josh Lucas, decent show also)
Pan Am (I like that  it is different than the always on medical or crime shows. I will watch more)
Hart of Dixie (comes on tonight, I am looking forward to it)

What have you been watching this new season?


  1. i am going to try to catch new girl and pan am on my dvr! loving ncis as always too gibbs and the team are written so well :)

  2. I want to check out Hart of Dixie, too! Thanks for the comment on my blog! You have a new follower here =)

  3. Did you see or have any desire to see 2 Broke Girls on CBS on Mondays? OMG hilarious!

  4. I really want to watch Pam Am!


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