Saturday, September 3, 2011


If you may recall from January, I chose a word to embrace for the whole year: enjoy.

Here is what I have been enjoying recently:

laughing and hanging out with the B-man three days a week

getting lost in a good book

chatting with my girlfriends

embracing the path He has continued to keep me on :)

seeing most of my family at a wedding and partying it up

making memories

taking pictures each day

drinking iced coffee with my Dad

getting lost while watching tv shows to unwind each day

seeing Lovebug #2 love first grade

hearing about Lovebug #5 enter the world

toasting with my siblings while we goof around, catch up and plan

waiting for Fall to come. even though i am not the biggest Summer fan, I feel like the warm weather hasn't been around that long this year. The Fall breeze and crisp air is sublty approaching.

being given a new day to smile and thank Him for what I do have in my life

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