Friday, September 9, 2011

Capturing Joy

Well, well, well, look what I discovered! Another link-up! A photo themed one, to find/capture joy; easy enough, right?!  Thanks,Erin!

My captured moments of joy this week...

Gorgeous Fall-ish days. Clear blue skies, a chilly breeze and sun shinning down.
And time spent outside to enjoy it all.

This little guy (yeah, I am sure you are all surprised to see another photo of him...) But really, when he is my joy three days a week what else can I photograph? :)  In this specific photo he is doing his newest trick: scrunching up his eyebrows. Although it isn't the best proof of it, it still makes me laugh and smile. This boy is hilarious and so sweet. I love when he says, "choo choo, vic" or when he pats the spot next to him and says, "sit, vic" or when I ask him something and he oh-so-seriously says "no".

And the deliciousness that is a pumpkin spice latte! Yum! It is the little hints of Fall that also give me joy. (And no, I didn't take this picture, I swiped it from google images....sorry!)

Where is your joy this week?

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