Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday thoughts

yesterday i was trying to think of a title of a book i had read last year that i really liked and it finally came back to me (one september morning by rosalind noonan) it was driving me crazy that i couldn't remember it or find it

how in the heck is it the 16th of august already?!?!

this is my last week of Summer, next week is the beginning of a new school/nanny year

i am really looking forward to seeing my siblings next weekend at a family wedding

lovebug #5 is due to enter the world on the 30th!!

i have been super lazy the last couple of weeks and i haven't been running...oops! some days i just don't want to :)

most of the Summer shows are ending which means that the new Fall shows will be on soon

i went to the dentist today--all clean and no cavities! although now my teeth/gums are sore....

zigity (created by cranium) is a great and fun game to play with kids; heck i love it :)

Aunt duty is on the agenda for tomorrow while my sister goes to spruce up/prepare her classroom!

fools rush in is calling my name now

happy tuesday!

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