Thursday, August 4, 2011

thursday thoughts

  • how the heck is it already august?! the Summer has just gone too fast and it is back to work in a couple short weeks
  • i love using for new and quick recipes. i found a cheesy brown rice one yesterday for dinner and i am looking for a chicken taco one
  • after a week or so without wearing my watch i finally went and bought a new battery for it today and it is now back on my wrist
  • i love the new pictures that i hung up this week-some 4x6s and some 8x10s
  • i may or may not have gone to target three times this week...
  • i think it is a rip off that command strips are to expensive! i mean over $5, really?!
  • the weather has been absolute perfection the last couple of days without the heavy humidity
  • burn notice is all new tonight-woo!
  • tomorrow should be fun as i get together with a couple of my besties for lunch and coffee
  • i am addicted to checking my etsy shop's page each day to see if one of my photos finally sold
  • whenever i watch giada it drives me absolutely crazy that she never seems to wipe/scrape out her bowls, etc to get all the food out. am i the only one that obseses notices it?
happy thursday!!

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