Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Target Tuesday

Since I was just at Target yesterday I thought this link-up was fitting.

My recent purchases....

$5 Frame Packs: I bought a teal color set of 4x6 and a silver color set of 8x10. I love them already and I am pretty sure I will be going back tomorrow to buy another set of 8x10.

Command Strips: to hang up my new picture frames

And a "big sister" gift for Lovebug #3. She has the normal size of this unicorn so I thought the little size would be perfect to go along with it.

I LOVE target trips, it is pretty rare that I walk out of the store with zero purchases :)

What have you found there recently?

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  1. $5 frame packs?! how awesome! glad you linked up! :)


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