Saturday, August 20, 2011

Outfit Help!

I am going to a family wedding next saturday and I need your help deciding which dress/outfit to wear. I thought I knew what dress I was going to wear, I had it all planned out but then I found a dress at Target for $12 and "had" to scoop it up. Both the ceremony and reception are inside and it is a nice,classy wedding....

Option 1: Ann Taylor Loft dress, purple nine west pumps, purple necklace that (almost) sister-in-law K made me, silver cocktail ring....

Option 2: Target sale rack dress, black kenzie kitten heels, black flower forever 21 cocktail ring (that LB #1 bought me for Christmas), silver and fake-diamond circle necklace...

So which one? Option 1 or Option 2??!?!? Just leave a comment with your selection.

Thank you, blog buddies for your wise fashion advice! :)
By the way, I normally have a head in photos but I didn't feel like fixing them after the fact;plus it is the outfits I want shown and I just think it is funny that my head is chopped off. Silly me + the self-timer + setting the frame up....


  1. I would go for option number 2.

    Do not get me wrong, I love option 1. Everything is perfect and super super elegant.

    But some brides take issue with anyone other than them wearing white. In fact, I think that is a major no no anyway. Who knows nowadays?

    Option number 2 gives you that "pop" with the colors which is always fun. Plus it is still kind of summery without being too casual.

  2. #2! Both are super cute, but the dress is really fun for a wedding!


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