Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now I really want to learn how to surf

I saw Soul Surfer this weekend and let me just say that it is a well-done, highly inspirational and motivating movie/story. Kudos to Bethany for being so brave, honest and trusting in God. She is the perfect role model for any young girl and her strength and drive is astounding. It amazed me that she never wanted to surf again for anyone else but herself, she wanted/needed to prove it to herself instead of for others. It was all done on her own terms and in her own way. And the way that her family supports her no matter what is just awesome, a true family that reminds me of my own.

 Oh and I love the cast in this movie: Helen Hunt (i loved mad about you), Craig T. Nelson (it is "coach") and Dennis Quaid (he is my "old guy" crush lol) plus AnnaSophia does a wonderful portrayal of Bethany. And I really liked the music :)

Go rent it! Definitely worth the $1 redbox rental.

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