Monday, August 1, 2011

light at the middle of the tunnel

Last week I had a nice meeting with one of the directors from the after school program, Amazing Minds.  It went so well that I was given (and happily accepted) a job for this coming school year. I will be able to work on my days that I am not nanny-ing so that is a bonus. It sounds like a wonderful and well-established program and I hear great things about it. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and I cannot wait to be back in a classroom setting and in front of students who are eager to learn something new and fun for an hour.

Who knows where this door will lead?! I just know that I am thrilled for this chance to once again be back in a joyous setting that I have dreamed of being in for these past couple of years.

It is the light in the middle of my tunnel :) And I will excitedly take it!

Now I just have to wait to start in September.

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