Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's ok

Guess what, I discovered another link-up! :)  "It's Ok...thursdays"

So, It's ok that...

I woke up and finished reading a book (Ape House by Sara Gruen) before getting out of bed for the day

All I have done so far is finish a book, drink some coffee/eat cereal and watch regis and kelly

I have found yet another blog link up to use as a post

I sometimes wish Ryan Gosling was my boyfriend :) Have you seen him, goregous!!

I feel like I have a boring life

I get sad driving past schools and see all the teachers' cars parked there, just wishing I was one of them

I think (just about) everything the B-man does is adorable and funny

My big plans for the day are: going to the library, getting a haircut,bake banana chocolate chip bread, putting my new bed spread on my bed, and watching Burn Notice and Suits

Fall is just around the corner--I loveeee Fall

It has been too long since I was motivated to go for a run

Spur-of-the-moment target trips make me smile....especially when I score in the clearance sections!

I sometimes wish I were like Kate Middleton--so sleek, proper and sophisticated

I hate all the reality shows that are on, seriously these people are not famous nor should they be treated like it

I only watch "tia and tamera" because I liked their old show "sister sister" (Side not, I don't consider this a reality show, it is more like a documentary because these girls have actually contributed something to hollywood other than bad behavior and a sex tape...)

My Summer is almost over, work starts up again on Monday. All good things have to end, right? But I am excited to have some more time/laughs/snuggles and adventures with B as I "work".

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm glad someone else likes Psych (and doesn't like reality shows!) :) Ryan Gosling is pretty hot, I'll give you that!

    Have a great day!


  2. I've woke up early to read too :) Ryan Gosling is waaaay gorgeous! Love him. Thanks for linking up girl!

  3. Totally ok to link up to this blog post haha


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