Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What I love Wednesday

I am loving the fantastic warm, sunny weather! Summer days like these are just perfect. Not too humid/hot and with a nice breeze.

I am loving that I am running on a more consistent basis. At least three-five times a week; and I slowly am improving and getting faster.

I am loving that tonight I am going out with the Besties to celebrate P's birthday!

I am loving Kate Middleton's style. I wish I could wear all those gorgeous dresses and outfits too.

I am loving that the original Teen Mom is back for a new season. Man, I watch some crappy tv shows :)

I am loving reading Karen White's books; her writing, characters and plots are so rich and they just suck you in. And now I want to go somewhere in the South, she makes it sound so blissful, romantic and appealing.

I am loving that big brother B and his FIANCE! K are coming in this weekend to celebrate their engagement!

I am loving watching the Tour with my Dad each day.

I am loving the ulta nail polish I bought last week for just $2.50 (sweet nothings is the name)

I am loving my usual cup of coffee in the morning.

I am loving taking pictures of the garden's flowers.

I am loving my Lovebugs-like usual. And in a couple of months I will become and Aunt for the FIFTH time!

I am loving that the weekend was long and I had a fun family bbq for the 4th.

I am loving that the weekend is almost here! Where does the time go?!

What are you loving today?

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