Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Racine Zoo

Yesterday my sister, the Lovebugs and I went up across the border to go to the Racine Zoo.We had no idea that there was a zoo there so when my sister discovered their website a couple weeks ago we decided we had to go for a visit. It is a small zoo but they have well-cared-for animals and a nice area of land. And the best part is that all the exhibits are the perfect height for the Little Guy, he was able to walk right up and see the animals.

There was a tiger, a lion, some monkeys...

Some kangaroos and an emu; the neat thing about this exhibit is that you can walk around a little path right inside their area! Very cool.


And some zebras, long-horned steer, mountain goats, meerkats and penguins!


Oh and of course there were a couple giraffes which we were able to feed! Their tounges are quite long and feel interesting :)

There is also a train ride to take around the zoo, two playgrounds and a nice little cafe for ice cream or a quick lunch (we had hot dogs, corn dogs and some nuggets). Plus it is right by the Lake.

It was very hot and sticky out so the girls cooled off with icees as their treat. Guess what color A had...

It was worth the drive and time, I thought. A little adventure to a new place is always fun on a Summer day.

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  1. that is too funny. i never saw your post. i have been eyeing those shoes all summer. And finally gave in! Lol


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