Wednesday, July 13, 2011

olden days

we are going on day 3 of no power; thanks to the crazy winds on monday morning.

thank goodness we have a generator (for our fridge/freezer/kitchen light/and the tv). but the internet is out and i may have had some withdrawal shakes the other day and i may have succumbed to them and ventured to my sister's house to get a fix....maybe :)

it is slightly like the olden days with no power. lots more time for reading and we actual use flashlights for a purpose rather than as a toy.

hopefully the power will be back by the weekend so until then.......

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  1. so i can't reply to your emails! you should fix that so i can reply! :] haha

    God is GREAT!
    thanks for your sweet comment & for keeping me in your prayers. God knows i need it :]
    i will be praying for you too -- he knows it all! keep your head up!

    xo ashlyn


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