Tuesday, June 28, 2011


  • i love sleeping in my own bed again. i always forget how nice it is after time away
  • using a hair dryer again is awesomeness :)
  • i swear the little man grew five inches in the week and a half since i saw him last
  • i should go for a run....but i don't really feel like it
  • it is gorgeous outside!
  • adding new pictures to my picture frames makes me smile. some change is good
  • white collar and covert affairs are new tonight!
  • B and K are planning to come visit next weekend so we can celebrate their engagement in person. wooo!
  • i haven't had a Starbucks "fancy" drink in almost two weeks. is the world ending?!
  • i enjoyed helping my brother out last week, and i pray he continues to heal and recover smoothly
  • i just want to read the beach trees all afternoon
  • there has been practically no desire to check and apply for teaching jobs the past couple of weeks. i am in a negative funk with it all......
  • how can it be the 4th of July this weekend?! where the heck did June go?
  • i am looking forward to my weekly coffee date with the Besites this saturday!
  • gas is back under $4!!! what a miracle!

Happy Tuesday!

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