Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feel the burn

With the nice weather maybe sorta  finally here I have started running.

Ok, running and walking :)

That first day I ran/walked I felt good. If it hadn't been in the 90s I probably would have kept running after my mile and a half but in fear of pushing myself too far and of passing out from the heat I stopped. But the next couple of days was I sore! I will admit though that I like feeling sore, it makes me feel better about exercising.

Yesterday I didn't feel like running but I didn't feel like being totally lazy either so I picked up my favorite exercise partner....my bike! I rode for 11.5 miles and it was nice.

Today I ran again, even though my legs are slightly sore from my ride. And I really didn't want to go for a run but I forced myself. And it feels good!

Now it is time to cool down and shower!

Happy tuesday!!

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