Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disappointment and excitement....

...all in one day.

Disappointment thanks to the zoo. we were all excited, A was beyond psyched, to go see the free Kratt brothers show and get their autographs. but after waiting over an hour just to get into the parking lot and to then to be turned away for the second time because it was full we called it quits. turns out it was a huge madhouse for those that were able to get into the parking lots and find a spot,etc. way more people than we assume the zoo thought would show up. so poor, poor, poor planning by the zoo and show production people. My sweet, super excited, looking forward to this all week LB #2 was crushed.  and we were all equally sad for her. but perhaps another time we will be able to see the awesome Kratt brothers perform a show.

Excitement in the form of an engagement! Big bro B finally popped the question to the awesome K! It is official as of tonight :) We are all so thrilled for them and to have K become a member of the family, we love her! Congrats, B & K!! I am looking forward to giving you both hugs in person AND for a fun wedding to attend :)

How was your Sunday?

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