Thursday, May 26, 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kristan Higgans' Too Good to be True. It had me literally laughing out loud on numerous occasions.

I need to stop watching 16 and Pregnant...but I just can't. My sister and I watch it but since they all are pretty much the same story we just fast forward through a lot of it.

Where is the warmth and sunshine of Spring? Rain, rain, rain...and today it was really windy and cold; even for Chicago standards.

This weekend will be fun filled with family, bbqs, birthday celebrating, cake eating, ice cream sundae making, laughing, coffee with friends, browsing the shoe room at von maur, reading and catching up on sleep.

House Hunters International is one of my favorite shows. But I hate when a spoiled American family is on looking for an uber expensive vacation home in some poor country. Makes me gag. I prefer the ones where they are moving to a new country and are looking for a new home to live and grow in.

I pretend to be like Giada when I am cooking.

There sure is a lot of swearing on The Deadliest Catch. Good show though, I can't even imagine working on one of those boats! Those men are dedicated, crazy and tough.

I have recently discovered that Russell Brand is hilarious. He is still pretty grungy looking and I can't stand his wife, but he is growing on me.

Job hunting is getting very old, depressing and tiresome.....maybe the third time around is the charm though?!?!

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